Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aileen's Birthday Party at Beneluxx

Tonight, we went to Beneluxx on 3rd street, just south of Market to celebrate Aileen's Birthday. For those of you that have not been or heard of Beneluxx, it is a Belgian-style bar that serves small (150 mL and 50 mL) samplers and large servings of beer and wine as well fine cheeses and chocolates.They had more than 30 beers on draft, including 7 Trappist Ales, which are widely considered the best Belgian beers; 50+ top-rated wines; 20+ cheeses; and 10 or so rare chocolates (though Kim and I didn't have any)

And that's not even the coolest part, they have these high-pressure glass-washers built into the tables for you to rinse out your glass between tastings. It is great fun and very effective at cleaning--now if only that easy to keep track of your own glass.
Kavi had a lot of fun playing with the glass-washer. This picture below was taken right before she tested what would happen when you push down on the grate without a glass over the nozzle. Good thing I put the camera away...
Since it was Aileen's Birthday, Kim and I got Aileen a couple of gifts that we thought she would like. I got her a 12 oz. bottle of Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout, which is a limited release by DFH. It's 18+% alcohol by volume and pitch black, I can't wait to try it with her. We also got her a shirt that says, "To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate," since loves reading entries from her Facebook profile which has the language set to "English (Pirate)."
And lastly, a pack of the gayest cigarettes I have ever seen. Nat Sherman makes a line called Fantasia Lights, which are thin, (think Virginia Slims) have gold painted filters, and rainbow colored paper wrapping the tobacco. In honor of Aileen's birthday, I had a pink one.

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