Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuff Kim and Mike Like: #1 Stuff People Like Blogs

We got the idea for this segment of our blog which will turn our faithful readers on to some of the many things we like from the blog Stuff White People Like. As is clear from the name, this blog is devoted to the things that white people like, and for the most part, Mike and I find that we agree with their posts. I mean, who doesn't like Barack Obama, public radio, scarves, and expensive sandwiches?? It's a great self-deprecating look at stereotypes about educated, liberal, white people. Stuff White People like has become quite a phenomenon and spawned a book and a number of copycat sites such as Stuff Black/Queer/Jewish/Brown people like. Our favorite copycat site, Stuff Asian People Like, is quite entertaining. If you take yourself too seriously or are easily offended, you probably won't like these sites. But we appreciate the irreverance and irony and enjoy the chance to laugh at ourselves. Enjoy and look forward to stuff we like to be posted soon!

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