Monday, April 6, 2009

Sakura Sunday

As usual, we had a great weekend, though it went by too fast! We had some nice meals and even got some chores done but the highlight was definitely Sakura Sunday. This Sunday, after a yummy brunch at Sabrina's Cafe, we attended the annual Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival at Fairmount Park. It was a gorgeous afternoon, so it was nice just to be outside in the sunshine. We met up with some friends and checked out all kinds of Japanese cultural demonstrations. Highlights included Mike showing off his origami skills (while wearing an origami-themed t-shirt), our friend Daisuke demonstrating calligraphy (he even taught our boss, Gideon), and of course, the beautiful cherry blossoms (even though they haven't all reached full bloom).

One disappointment was the Cosplay (costume play) pageant. We were excited to see people dressed up like anime characters, but unfortunately we had to wait an hour for the event to start and sit through a sound check for a pretty awful Japanese band, only to see about eight people in costume walk across the stage in less than five minutes. Even though we were a little frustrated, we enjoyed the sun and the great people-watching.

After being out in the warm sun all afternoon, we decided to go for our first Rita's Water Ice of the season. It was a bit of an adventure following the GPS to 69th St, but we were successful and enjoyed the refreshing treat.

EDIT (by Mike):

We also vacuumed and washed Kim's car!

Ohhh so shiny!


  1. I think I'm most excited about Kim's car and the Rita's! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  2. i've NEVER seen that car soooo clean. you should try that more often!

  3. I knew some people wouldn't believe that was Kim's car, and not that "nice Matrix," so I made sure to take the picture from the side with the missing hub cap!