Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad game, worse weather, great company

Tonight, we went to see the Phillies get shut-out by the Atlanta Braves, 4-0. Not only did we have to suffer losing, it was also around 40 degrees at the start of the game dropping to about 35 with 20 mph wind blowing in our faces, which you can see in this snapshot of the 2008 World Series Champion flag out behind center field

But it was fun to get out to the park and see the team for the first time after the World Series. To celebrate that victory, they gave out t-shirts that had "Champs" written on the front with a small Phillies logo that you can see on Alex in this photo of him and Kim

With the wind chill in the low 30's and the Phillies playing poorly, Kim was not happy...

In all, it was nice to get out to the park this early in the season and hang out with Joey (and friends) for a little bit, it's just too bad that Phils didn't play any better. I just hope they get it together before we go to Bank again on May 12 against the Dodgers on Dollar Dog Night or else I'll have to drown my sorrow in processed animal product and mustard


  1. After similar past experiences in Chicago, I have sworn never again to attend a baseball game before June and I am renewed in my vow after the freezing night at the ballpark. But despite the chill, we enjoyed the night of baseball and friends...and Alex even got onto the big screen with his air guitar playing so it was a good night.

  2. By the way, for all of you veggie lovers, they now serve vegan hot dogs at Citizen's Bank Park. :)